Sabtu, 21 Januari 2012

Contoh Pengalaman dalam Bahasa Inggris

A memorable experience

When I woke on Monday morning, I was very surprised because it looked at the clock in my room at 6:30 pm has been demonstrated. I just got up and headed to the bathroom. Up in the bathroom all of a sudden I slipped and almost mencederaiku.

After a shower, I dressed the school, school breakfast and then depart on a motorbike. Arriving at school I saw my bag to retrieve a hat. To my surprise, my hat was not in the bag. Since that day on Monday (there is a flag ceremony) I went home to take a hat. Hat I finished taking back to school by riding motorcycles. Suddenly on the road my bike broke down, after the gas was checked out. I pushed the bike forced to look for retail gasoline outlets. Fortunately, the sale of gasoline was not far away. I bought a liter of gasoline and immediately step on the gas toward the school.

Arriving in a school year the students had gathered on the field. The ceremony was about to begin. I too hastily ran to the parade ground. When the ceremony begins immediately give principal briefing on school discipline. Suddenly there came a teacher to check the neatness of his students, and unfortunately my hair long valued by teachers. Freely and no existing power scissors kumenolak digengaman teacher tore my hair.

With hair that is not frivolous, I went directly to the classroom for lessons. Rupaya lesson has a homework (homework) and I forgot to do this task then punished by the teacher to make the task three times.

I immediately do the job. Before I do any teaching hours ago I was told to write out a few more times by the teacher. While I was working on the task, noisily friends in class because hours lesson is empty. With happy friends were playing in the class so I felt disturbed. I admonished him to keep quiet anymore, it turns out they were not happy and did not receive top teguranku. My friend had ripped a task that is being made. I feel upset and without further ado I immediately beat him so that a fight broke out. Then we were called to the office of guardian class to resolve the issue. I tell you the problem and we were told to Greetings. After that we were told to forget about the problem, finally the bell rang signaling was home from school. We went straight home. Arriving at home I was glad the issue has been completed. I told her about the events that I experienced at school today with my parents. My parents were advised to always do the job and obey the disciplinary rules that exist in schools.

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